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Get a 30 day free supply of stoma filters.
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We can make this offer because we are so confident
that you will like them and re-order!

You will love our great service.
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These filters are manufactured by one of the leading companies in the field. This stoma filter is an effective and disposable filtering cover specifically designed for Stoma Protection. The stoma filter is neat looking, easily concealable and can be worn night and day.

It is so light, you will forget you are wearing a
stoma filter, and it takes only seconds to change.

It is self-adhering. This is made possible by a
non-irritating, hypo allergenic medical
adhesive. The stoma filters come to you
individually packaged in a heat-sealed bag.

Day or night, you'll breathe easier because these
lightweight filters offer excellent protection
against dust, dirt and pollen all while helping warm
and moisten the air you breathe. Designed for
single use, with a special non-irritating
self-adhesive strip that's comfortable and
convenient to apply. And they are soft as a cloud!

They are comfortable, breathable, attractive and they effectively warm and humidify the air you breathe. With self-adhesive strip, they are easy to use. Contoured corners eliminate binding and promise a finished look. Their light color easily identifies dirt accumulation and the need to change.

We are so convinced that you will use and like
these stoma filters that we are giving away a
months worth free. Limit of one free order to
a laryngectomy customer or address.


If you have used our stoma filters and want to re-order,

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